October 4, 2023

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The impressive rain of ‘shooting stars’ in Greece, seen through photos

The impressive rain of ‘shooting stars’ in Greece, seen through photos

Those who looked at the sky on Saturday night (12/08) towards the dawn of Sunday had the opportunity to see a unique scene, as butterflies appeared, The most amazing annual shower of “shooting stars”.

In fact, watching the mares this year was perfect, as this phenomenon occurred Only four days before the new moonSo the dim moonlight did not prevent one from seeing the falling stars.

Perseids were visible from Any area with clear skies and low light pollution, ideally Far from big citiesas in her case Javdu in CreteThe photographic lens captured the phenomenon in a unique way Earth meets Remnants of Comet Swift-Tuttle.

What are Shooting Stars and Perseids?

like comets Get close to the sun It is heated and cut them broken. These residues consist of to forbidAnd powder And ice They differ in size. maybe Comet orbit to cross that earth, so some of the debris will be in its path. when you meet the leftovers atmospheres From the ground, heated, touching Temperatures of thousands of degrees Celsius It ignites due to its high speeds and friction with air molecules in the atmosphere. The result is an impressive shower of shooting stars.

Objects that enter the earth’s atmosphere are called “meteor”. The smallest of them completely dissipates into the atmosphere, leaving behind a bright trail, with not a single part of it reaching the Earth’s surface. In this case, they are called “meteor” or “meteor”. Larger meteorites are called “balls”, may not completely decompose in the atmosphere. Then the part that will reach the earth’s surface is called “meteor”.

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Diatoms rain phenomenon magazineas mentioned before AstronioAnd Earth will encounter the comet’s remnants every time it passes through a specific point in its orbit, which corresponds to specific dates in time.

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