February 6, 2023

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Thessaloniki: What happened to 29-year-old Matric murder is not understood – Newsbomb – News

lamenting in ThessalonikiThe 29-year-old, who pleaded guilty to the crime in their flat, Kalamaria, after being murdered by his 60-year-old son. He was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

“The young criminal still doesn’t understand what happened.”. 29-year-old family friend and lawyer Leonidas Sidropoulos said. He killed his mother with a kitchen knife at home 1 Pappadiamanti Street, Kalamaria.

It is significant The 29-year-old was taken to a psychiatric hospital Papageorgiou hospital, the case file was sent to the prosecutor’s office and He was criminally charged with murder with intent and use of a weapon.

“The reason I’m here is out of respect for the situation, because we have a death and a mentally ill person and the family is being attacked from all over, you know what that means.”Mr. Sithiropoulos said.

He appealed to the media to respect the family’s pain Stop sharing photos and details of links between them.

“I want to publish this report because I found some signs of cannibalism and cannibalism. I understand that we have to cover the news, but this should not publish photos and mistakes that the family had a fight between the child and the mother or that he beat her to death.write down

“The family is very loved. The 29-year-old loves his father very much and he loves his mother very much. He did not understand what happened until now. My request to the media is respect, because we have a human life and a man who is traumatized, if he realizes that he killed his mother. You will understand what that means.”Mr. Sidiropoulos noted.

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They asked if they had been in the past Violent incidents He said that “At times he threatened to harm himself, but we never had an aggressive incident.”

“The 29-year-old has mental health issues. He is being given medication and is being monitored by doctors. At that moment there was an explosion for some reason. The Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the details recorded by the concerned police department along with the statement of the father and the girl who were at home after the incident. He speculated that the 29-year-old’s outbreak was due to him not taking his medication.

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