November 30, 2022

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They injected anesthesia and made him unconscious

A young woman was killed in a daylight robbery Student She is the law in the house. The assailant sprayed the anesthetic, took the electronics and fled.

Father of the young student She feels lucky that her daughter was only the victim of a robbery and that the attacker “didn’t kill her, hurt her or rape her.” It is noteworthy that the 22-year-old girl, who spoke to the Star’s flagship news bulletin, was completely defenseless in the hands of the accused for a long time after being sedated with anesthetic spray.

It all started when he was a young student She returned home from university He sat down to read. He made the mistake of not opening the door as it was late afternoon. At that time the accused ascended the stairs of the second floor, came to the door of the apartment, broke it and entered. Meanwhile the girl did not feel the entrance of the robber She fell asleep. He sprayed the anesthetic and then, taking his prey, left undisturbed. In fact, when the police officers arrived at the apartment, they almost fainted from the fumes of the anesthetic spray. As they were also dizzy, they said that it is better to go outside to avoid getting hit by the spray,” said the student.

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