March 30, 2023

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This is the next free game for the Epic Games Store

the epic games I’ve already revealed the next game you’ll be giving away for free next week and it’s definitely worth your attention. More specifically, after Rise of Industry which is now available in Epic Games StoreYou will be able to add a private title to your digital collection.

It comes with an extension sea ​​callwhich was released in 2020 by “out of the blue, suddenly, out of the blue” And “Raw angerThis game wants to tell you a special story full of mystery and love that takes place in the 1930s in the South Pacific Ocean. Thus, you are invited to explore Lush Island Paradise, solve various puzzles and rescue the husband of the protagonist who has disappeared.

Call of the Sea will be available on Thursday, March 9th and will be free until March 16th. We will update you with a related article when it becomes available.

Finally, if you haven’t got Rise of Industry yet, you can download it by clicking here. This game wants to test your abilities and trading skills as a maker in the early 20th century. You will have to build and develop an empire and it is mainly aimed at those who like strategy simulation games a little more.

Rise of Industry will be available until next Thursday, March 9 at 18:00 Greek time.

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