December 4, 2022

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Thwarting “very serious terrorist threats” during Ramadan


And the Tunisian authorities announced, on Tuesday, that they had been defeated. Very serious terrorist threats in Ramadan.

These terrorist acts were thwarted. Thanks to the work of the security unitsTunisian Interior Ministry spokeswoman Fadela Al-Khelaifi identified during a press conference.

The same source indicated that The field work carried out by the security executives and the operational readiness of the security forces continues and is not limited to the month of Ramadan alone.“.

She pointed out that the security situation has clearly improved during the last period, stressing that the Council of the Internal Security Forces, which includes all senior security officials, now meets approximately every two months and not once a year.

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According to the official spokesman, the council’s meetings focus on the security and stability of the country and take its decisions collectively.

She stressed that the Ministry of the Interior will confront any attempt to destabilize the work of the security forces or undermine public order by publishing false information.

The terrorist threat has decreased significantly in Tunisia since the bloody attacks of 2015 and the major attack on the city of Ben Guerdane in March 2016, thanks to the dismantling of dozens of sleeper cells and preventive operations in extremist circles.

The activity of armed groups is currently limited to the mountainous areas near the Algerian border, where incidents are reported from time to time.

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The mountains surrounding the Algerian border have been witnessing since 2012 clashes between the Tunisian army and armed groups, notably the Uqba bin Nafa Brigades, a local branch of Al-Aqmi, which has taken responsibility for several attacks in the country.

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