November 28, 2023

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When and how will supplementary pensions be disbursed after 15 years?

When and how will supplementary pensions be disbursed after 15 years?

Written by Dimitris Katsagannis

Through rapid action, it is expected that the 40,000 pending supplementary pensions (as well as every new application) will “begin” from the end of the year onwards.

This is as stipulated in the draft insurance law announced by the Ministry of Labor, according to which the procedures and conditions for proving the right to an additional pension will be simplified for all funds, specifying the requirement of completing 15 years either in a single institution or with successive insurance, which currently applies only to the former IKA-ETAM, And not according to the conditions stipulated in each fund.

The application of unified rules for granting supplementary pensions allows them to be subject to the fast-track procedure, meaning they will be disbursed within a period of 3 months from the date of granting the basic pension or within 6 months from the date of disbursement of the basic pension. Request for payment of the supplementary pension if it is submitted later than the request for payment of the main pension.

This provision will be applied retrospectively to pending applications as well, and is expected to significantly reduce the processing time and backlog of supplementary pensions.

Based on information provided by the relevant officials of the Ministry. On average, supplementary pensions in the public sector after completing 15 years range between 80-100 euros.

Beneficiaries will receive this amount retroactively from the month in which they submitted their application for the supplementary pension.

They will receive the remaining amount corresponding to the insurance years after 15 years (also retroactively from the month of application) when their file is completely cleared.

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The same sources indicate that most applicants for the supplementary pension have more than 25 years of insurance. Therefore, they are entitled to an additional pension of up to 200 euros.

After the approval of the previously announced item, that is, towards the end of this year, as expected, according to his information Capital.grto come to a public consultation at the beginning of November, supplementary pensions will be granted immediately in an amount equivalent to 15 years, while the time of payment of the rest of the pension depends on the situation of each insured.