September 29, 2023

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‘Bomb’ in Asia Express: Big favorite withdrew voluntarily

‘Bomb’ in Asia Express: Big favorite withdrew voluntarily

The couple who was one of his favorite things Asia Expressconsistently winning immunities and achieving a very “strong” performance in the travel game, nasus And the Pavlos galacterosdecided to voluntarily withdraw due to the problem the former basketball player is facing with his knee.

On Friday’s episode (4/11), one of the challenges was riding a bike, and Nassau couldn’t because of his knee.

Father and son left Asia Express emotionally. As they said, the game “gathered” them a lot. But before they left, they chose to give the prize they won to Fipster and Konstantinos Vassalos.

The six pairs competed for ultimate immunity in Laos, before being transported to enchanting Thailand. The episode began with the Petros Polychronidis gathering of players at Buddha Park in Vientiane and the announcement of the new race and prize.

The couple who reaches the finish line first will get immunity and spend the last few days sightseeing in Laos, while also securing their ticket to Thailand.

The first couple to finish the race will play for a prize. They will try to win by playing the national sport of Laos, rattan ball!

But the players’ surprises did not end there! The presenter announced to the couples that when they see the prohibition sign on the car, they will not be able to move in this way but that they will have to find another way, which does not particularly satisfy the players.

Asia Express |  The new tag has caused reactions!

The couple who finished first in the race are Russell and her mother, Christina Kolitsa and Maria Maroulis. To be exact, Giorgos Mavridis and Kristi Kataria were second, but because they skipped the test with the bus, they got a penalty and couldn’t claim the prize.

The four women played the national sport of Laos, Ratanbul, with the help of George Mavridis and Konstantinos Vasalos in soccer skills.

The winning team was Christina and Maria, recipients of a prize of 2,500 euros and an advantage.

The advantage was for the next race the day. In the new race, the winners would only have to catch and sell the eel, unlike other pairs who had to catch more. Also, as winners, they will start the race two minutes earlier than the others.

Heart-chosen Giorgos Mavridis and Kristi Katharia found the new audition difficult and tones rose between them when the tattoo artist wanted to help the rival couple, Russell and her mother.

“Do you want us to stop? I can’t make you wander around like that. You’re not alone. We’ve been together before but you have to understand who you are on the team!” said the tattoo artist and his wife! Instead of explaining to me, you were explaining to the girls where they should go! “

‘I can’t say no. What are you trying to do?’ Mavridis said fiercely.

Disagreements between the newlyweds during the games did not allow to complete all the tests. Although usually, as Mavridis said in front of the camera, when they fight they do not talk to each other for at least a month, this time they find each other able to handle Asia Express.

“It’s my leg and I love it very much,” the tattoo artist said. However, the duo has a penalty and takes the last place in the standings.

The immunity winners are Lefteris Dimiropoulos and Yiannis Aivazis who will be doing their last days tourism in Laos, while getting their tickets to Thailand!

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