February 6, 2023

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Emanuela Orlandi: Investigation into ‘Vatican Girl’ begins again – Newsbomb – News

On the afternoon of June 22, 1983, a 15-year-old girl literally disappeared from the face of the earth, and since then no one knows whether she is alive or dead. Vatican Investigations into the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi resume.

New investigations will be carried out in the case of the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi Holy See. This was stated by the Head of Judicial Affairs at the Vatican. Alessandro Didi.

The girl was gone June 22, 1983 When he was sixteen while attending a music lesson in the center of Rome. the the father She was an employee of the Vatican State. the investigations All these years have not led to substantial results.

According to the press, some of the assumptions made are her disappearance Orlando He may have been related to people involved in the 1981 attempt killing Pope John Paul II, through the work of the criminal organization of Rome “Banda della Maliana” or that the girl may have been taken to a nunnery.

As reported by the Italian news agency AdnKronos, Mr Pope Francis Request to reopen the investigations and re-examine all testimonies, evidence and any possible connections.

the family to her orlando, All these years, she has continued to demand justice Italy so is it Vatican, Not to stop working on the case until substantial and final answers are obtained. The Holy See’s new initiative, as it has been leaked, is linked to Francis’ general will for the transparent and virtuous administration of the papal state.

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In 2022, the popular platform Netflix She published a documentary about her disappearance Emanuela Orlandi. In four episodes of the series entitled “Vatican girlHer brother, journalists, and people who have experienced the whole mystery spoke closely.

the Vatican, As stated in the end credits of the documentary, Refusal Grant interviews or comment on the case on Netflix, adding to the mystery.