October 4, 2023

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Greek celebrities who “transformed” in the summer: tanned and lost several kilograms

Greek celebrities who “transformed” in the summer: tanned and lost several kilograms

Every summer there are many who start setting goals for the new season that begins, whether that means changing careers once the holidays are over or something else they want to achieve, now that they have had their ‘batteries’ full.

However, the ladies of Greek TV set some fitness goals before the summer even started and they famously succeeded judging by the pictures we’ve seen them post on their social media profiles, being a source of inspiration.

Sissy Christido

Sissy Cristedo told her online friends in May that she’s starting to focus on her diet again with a photo of herself hugging her registered dietitian, Maria Basoma, and writing in the caption: “Every time you take me you hope it’s the last!”

The presenter made a similar attempt again in 2015, and succeeded, with the advice of nutritionist Maria Basoma, in losing 13 kilograms. However, as everything turns out, this will probably be the “last” time she does it, as she has worked out very well within a few months and the change in her appearance is more than obvious.

By following a specialized diet plan — rich in fruits, juices, and vegetables — and incorporating Pilates into her life, she’s managed to shed some extra pounds, so her swimsuit photos are full of confidence and a smile this summer.

Maria Corinthio

Maria Corinthio also managed to lose several kilograms this year, and this was evident since the beginning of this year and during her appearance on the “Proino” program with Giorgos Liagas. She herself mentioned in her interview with Grigoris Arnautoglu and “The 2night show” how she managed to say:

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“I wanted to lose weight. But it started with my soul first. I think it all starts with our heart. What we feel, what toxicity we have in our lives, what our psychology looks like. For better or for worse, being overweight is usually a toxicity for things and situations.” , which is a defense, a wall to defend yourself unconsciously. During the second quarantine I felt like I was suffocating from the extra weight. I stepped on the scale, I was shocked and it was as if a button had been pushed. Everyone asks me what I did. I ‘ordered’ the brain and it was very conscious. “

Therefore, although it took about 1.5 years, the actress, by changing her psychology and completely stopping sugar by 90%, as I mentioned, from starch, was able to lose the kilograms that she had set as a goal, and this can be seen in her summer photos, which look It is as fresh as ever, and only positive vibes emit from it.

Katrina Zarifi

Katrina Zarifi, before taking her place in a new show at the Open Championship, has a renewed and fitter look, having lost about 20 kilograms.

As she admitted, when she contracted the coronavirus, she lost those pounds, which she kept off by cutting out junk food and fatty foods. Characteristically, Katrina Zarifi said, “After Corona Virus, because my stomach became like this, I stopped eating junk food and said while running to work, I will not burden myself with heavy and greasy foods. When I am sad I like to live it. I am generally an XL in all my appearances. I have lost 20 kilos when I got coronavirus. I don’t like saying “you’ve lost weight” or “you’ve gained weight”. It’s exhausting for the listener. We have to go a little bit beyond the rules in this country. I either love myself or I hate it sometimes. In Greece Many people like something different but choose what their company wants.With each other’s bed and its shape and color we should relax and let everyone do what they want.The secret of a successful diet is to call it nutrition not diet.If you take a wrong turn don’t let it get you down “.I don’t have a specific dietician or diet that I follow. To tell girls that if they want to do this, they need to seek help from an expert.”

Evelina Nicoleza

One of the TV personalities who managed to hit her weight goals this summer was Evelina Nicoleza. And she herself, by following a healthy diet, as you can see in her summer photos, managed to lose a lot of weight, which inspired us to change her body.

After all, this is not the first time that she has lost a lot of kilograms, as she lost 35 kilograms years ago. However, her “battle” with the kilos continued because, as she admitted in her YouTube video, she had the wrong mindset. And many of the pounds he finally gained back were “bonus” pounds. As he characteristically puts it: “When I’m really tired or I’ve done something hard or I’ve had a bad day, I deserve to eat. (…) Think about how wrong that is. I gained a lot of ‘bonus’ pounds. I gained a lot of weight because I thought I’d start a diet.”

Which is why, Evelina Nicoleza recently admitted on her Instagram story that one of the things that gives her strength to keep going is the change she sees and brings about by looking at the clothes she’s been wearing.

Benny Paltazi

An inspiration to all new moms, Penny Paltazzi revealed through her posts that she went into a fitness process after giving birth to her daughter – she also has a 4-year-old son. She also revealed that after 13 months of effort she lost 25 kilograms, but as you can see from her posts, she achieved that little by little with love for her body without exaggerations or deprivation.

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After all, a woman’s body after pregnancy needs patience and care to recover.

Manto Gasterato

As Manto Gasterato admitted in her Instagram post, after about 3.5 years, she felt comfortable and confident again wearing her favorite green swimsuit. After the two pregnancies, this year she was able to regain her physical condition again, losing 8 kilograms in two and a half months, becoming an inspiration to all mothers.

The broadcaster and radio producer succeeded, as she mentioned in her post, by following a more balanced diet that adapts to her needs, while also including exercise in her daily schedule. This is why her abs are more defined than ever.

All these women prove that if we set a goal we can achieve it, when it comes to our body, we should show it love and respect. And if we want to make a change because we don’t like something, it’s best to consult an expert so that it can be done right.