February 5, 2023

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List of Chocolates to Avoid on Easter Sunday

List of Chocolates to Avoid on Easter Sunday

Kinder reminder. This Easter Sunday, Kinder chocolates should be absent from the festivities. Ferrero has launched a giant recall of a very wide range of Kinder products, due to suspected salmonella. List of references to avoid…

[Mis à jour le 17 avril 2022 à 10h09] What Kinder Chocolate List Should Be Avoided on Sunday? Easter Holiday ? Since the beginning of April, salmonella has been suspected in the famous chocolate and Ferrero has had to recall a very large amount of its products. Initially limited to the probability stage, the presence of Salmonella was identified at the Kinder Factory in Arlon in Belgium by the Ferrero Group, which also stated “internal failures. From now on, all Kinder products in Kinder Rangees Surprise, Kinder Schoko- Pons must be avoided.” Kinder Mini-Eggs, Kinder Mix, Kinder Happy Moments, Kinder Surprise 100g due to the risk of salmonella in chocolate.

a An alert has been issued by the Ministry of Health On Tuesday, April 5, when the first suspected salmonellosis was reported, after the first communication From the Ferrero collection published the day before. If a series of well-defined Kinder groups were initially decriminalized, last week the Ferrero group expanded its pull into a much broader product slate than it originally was. Faced with the risk of contamination, it is best to avoid eating any chocolate from these different ranges this weekend, when we celebrate Easter this Sunday and the following Monday, a public holiday.

What if we buy kinder chocolate?

Consumers who, for Easter or some other reason, have purchased a Kinder product affected by the massive Ferrero recall are encouraged not to consume it and to contact the brand. Several services have been created to communicate with Ferrero, the group that has Kinder among its brands:

Be careful, the waiting time can be long, Ferrero recognizes in a press release. The group specifies, “Many of you are calling us and we are aware of waiting times on the helpline. We sincerely thank you for your patience and want to ensure that every request is answered.”

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Kinder France posted on its Twitter account on Friday a message confirming that “Throughout the Easter holidays, [son] The consumer service remains at your disposal on 0800 653 653 or by e-mail [email protected] “.” Our teams also stay motivated on social networks to answer your questions in a private or public message,” the post specifies.

Attention, the expiration date, mentioned at the beginning of the crisis, is no longer subject to audit because Kinder has extended the recall of all Kinder products from the following ranges: Kinder Surprise, Kinder Schoko-bons, Kinder Mini-Eggs, Kinder Mix Kinder Happy Moments, Kinder Surprise 100g .

© Kinder
  • Kinder Schoko . Coupons The recall is huge on mini chocolate eggs that are individually wrapped and sold in bags as all shapes are involved: those with milk in bags 125g, 150g, 200g, 225g, 300g, 330g, 350g, 480 grams and 500 grams but also white chocolate called Schoko-bons White in 200 gram and 300 gram formats.
  • Kinder surprise : All 20-gram boxes of Kinder Surprises (the classic shape sold year-round) are involved, whether Kinder Surprise eggs are sold as one, three, four, or a box of six.
  • Kinder Surprise Maxi 100gm : These larger eggs, which are sold during the holidays, are also affected by the Summoning Kinder.
  • Mini Kinder Eggs : All batches of these little eggs sold especially at the time of the holidays or Easter are also concerned: whether they are in milk chocolate, hazelnuts, or filled with cocoa. The so-called Mini Eggs Mix assortments are also present in this product.
  • Happy moments with Kinder : specific to 191 grams (cans) packages but also 242 grams, 347 grams and 400 grams.
  • Kinder Mix Concerned: The “velour” package is 133 grams, the “egg basket” is 150 grams, the bag is 193 grams, the bucket is 198 grams, and the car is 125 grams
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Several hundred tons of chocolate is actually worrying. All recalled products are made in Belgium, at the Arlon factory, where 46,000 tons of chocolate were produced in 2017, according to the brand. The Belgian subsidiary of Ferrero specifies on its website that this production site “today houses 8 production lines and manufactures Kinder Schoko-Bons exclusively for the entire world”.

Other Kinder products such as Kinder Bueno, Kinder mini chocolate bars, or larger Kinder Maxi are not affected by this recall, such as Kinder Country or the large Easter Sold Flame Egg Set (220g eggs).

The recall was made after several cases of salmonellosis were reported in Europe, including in France. These cases led to an rapprochement with the Kinder factory in Arlon, Belgium, where patients, particularly children, had eaten Kinder chocolate in earlier days. In a press release published Thursday, April 7, Ferrero, a group that owns the Kinder and Nutella brands privately, provided new information about an investigation into one of its plants that identified the presence of salmonella. “As part of our control systems, the presence of salmonella was detected on December 15, 2021 at the Arlon site in Belgium. After an in-depth investigation, the source was identified as a filter at the exit of two tanks of raw materials. Materials and finished products were blocked and not delivered ‘, defines the group.

There are about twenty cases of salmonellosis observed by health authorities in France that caused this recall as a “precaution” first as a precaution and then because of the proven presence of salmonella in the Belgian Arlon factory. Salmonella (or salmonella) is a bacteria that can spread and multiply in the digestive system and cause salmonella: a food infection that manifests in digestive disorders, diarrhea, vomiting and stomach pain. Complications can arise and lead to a generalized infection with fever, typhoid, paratyphoid fever or even sepsis. Most cases of salmonellosis are mild, but depending on the cases and the type of people infected, the disease is sometimes life-threatening. Symptoms appear on average after one to three days of incubation. Already in the past a few cases of severe complications, leading to meningitis or septicemia, have been observed in susceptible people.

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Therefore, it is recommended to monitor children who have eaten Kinder chocolate within forty-eight hours after eating it. Persons who have consumed the above-mentioned Kinder products and who are showing symptoms are encouraged to consult their doctor without delay.

According to the General Directorate of Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF), which published statment Tuesday, April 5, of the 21 cases currently listed, eight have been hospitalized and all have gone home. “The average age of cases is 4 years,” the authorities detailed. Infants and young children, as well as the elderly, pregnant women or people who are immunocompromised are most susceptible to salmonellosis due to the risk of severe dehydration after symptoms of acute diarrhea appear.

If you have purchased any of the Kinder products listed above, the Department of Health requires you to “not consume them and dispose of them immediately.” If you want a refund, take a picture of the packaging as well as the product references on the same packaging. You are encouraged to report this by calling the number provided by Ferrero or by writing to the email address provided:

  • The phone number set up by Ferrero is as follows: 0800 653 653 (toll-free).
  • The contact email address is: [email protected]

You will be asked for the expiration date and the barcode number in particular. This contact will also make it possible to initiate a reimbursement request.