February 5, 2023

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Maddalena Kaili’s NGO received €115,000 from a program promoted by her sister

Regarding the online archives of her previous lobbying work, Eva Kylie’s sister, MadelineAnd He wants a clean start.

The former vice president of the European Parliament, who was arrested in December on corruption charges, has been a regular at events organized by her younger sister. The NGO MADE Group in Maddalena has developed a network of apparel and projects that align closely with Eva’s tech-savvy work in Parliament. MADE Group applied for and won EU bids, having received €105,172 from a shareware that was Promoted by Eva Kylie in Parliament.

In Brussels, Maddalena was known as Executive Director to her ELONtech, an “observatory” for technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, which has occasionally held events in the European Parliament and introduced Eva as a speaker. after it erupted Qatargate scandal at the end of last year, ELONtech Try to “hide” it by removing all references to both sisters from her website and telling its unpaid advisers that it is “obligated to scale back its operations” due to “unforeseen and turbulent circumstances,” according to a Dec. 14, 2022 email published by Politico.

However, there are still traces of ELONtech’s activities in Brussels LobbyFacts.eu – A website that keeps data from the EU Transparency Register – Maddalena Cayley recently asked LobbyFacts.eu to delete all information about the company from the website.

“I ask for the deletion of the data bearing the name ELONTECH – the European Observatory of Law on New Technologies, which I co-founded,” Maddalena Cayley wrote in a letter. email on December 30th to LobbyFacts.eu. “They are wrongfully registered on this platform, they are not a legal entity, and they do not operate as a lobbying organization.” Vicki Kahn, one of the directors of LobbyFacts.eu, told Politico that Kylie has sent many follow-ups Email messages, requesting the removal of ELONtech’s information. Kahn added that all the data is taken “from the EU lobbyists’ transparency registry, so all the information we provide will come from there and It will be authorized by the registrant himself.”.

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In fact, ELONtech appears in Archived data from Transparency recordwhich indicates that the “NGO” is registered in October 2, 2020. Kahn stated that ELONtech appears to have remained on the record even may be from 2022 before deleting it.

in E-mailher honesty Transparency record stated that the ELONtech It was automatically deleted in May 2022 due to its “failure to transfer and update its data in accordance with the requirements of a new inter-institutional agreement,” which introduced Stricter disclosure rules.

The LobbyFacts.eu listing for ELONtech contains more information than registration file In matters of interest to the entity. Under the title “The main target files of the European Union »LobbyFacts.eu states that ELONtech provided assistance as an “observer” without any specific information about What might this contribution be?.

the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum It is a think tank funded by European Commission. It was first created in 2018 as a pilot project, and has often been featured at Eva Kaili events. In 2021, the Greek MEP will receive €525,000 in additional funding from the European Union to continue its work. Adjustment of EU budget procedures.

As of 2020, the think tank blockchain Managed by a A consortium of seven partnersthree of them Greek organizationsincluding –From the Certh Research Institute– which held a joint event with ELONtech in 2019. Representatives of both the Blockchain Observatory and the committee denied that ELONtech Make any “contribution” to the think tank.

In an email to Politico, Maddalena Kaili’s attorney, Michalis Dimitracopoulos, agreed that “ELONtech had no role in the development of Blockchain Observatory or EU contribution, at any time.” He also stated that ELONtech “has no legal entity”, “has never received European funding” and “has nothing to do with lobbying agencies”. “And we don’t know why [η ELONtech] It wrongly appeared in this record without any justification, the lawyer said, adding that he has contacted Transparency Record about the matter and is awaiting a response.

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Regardless of who created it, ELONtech’s Transparency Registry entry contains the correct address and phone number for the employee – although this information can be retrieved from the event promotion page on the ELONtech website.

Mr. Dimitrakopoulos did not respond to further questions about who created the list without Maddalena Cayley’s knowledge.

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