February 6, 2023

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Madonna: The passionate kiss of Jack Black and … the breastfeeding of Lil Wayne

the Madonna On Tuesday January 17th announced a new world tour schedule to celebrate four decades of success. The tour is titledCelebration tourvia a five-minute video that pays homage to her 1991 documentary Truth or Dare.

Within five minutes, the international singer does not hesitate to exchange some passionate kisses and give the camera some sexy shots. Madonna, who in recent years has not ceased to provoke with her publications that have collected various comments, has decided to give her fans a special video clip in which she announces her long-awaited tour.

The exotic singer has once again managed to find herself in the center of publicity and occupy the media with her image and moves. In order to “connect” all this audiovisual material, which is currently “sweeping” the Internet, the Queen of Pop has asked for the help of her favorite famous friends. The 64-year-old escaped the confines of taboo and publicly tested herself in… new adventures.

At a round table, the world-famous entertainer entertained the company of Judd Apatow, Eric Andre, Amy Schumer, DJ Diplo, Bob the Drag Queen, Kate Pearland, Larry Owens, Megan Stalter, Jack Black and Lil Wayne, and challenged them to a game. “Courage or Truth”.

In the video released to herald her tour, Madonna asks Amy Schumer, among others, to show her how to lick her man by touching some food with her tongue. There were also passionate and romantic kisses between the singer and the comedian black jackwhile at another point in the video, S.J Lil Wayne He had the courage to press the singer’s chest and … breastfeed: Wayne, grab her chest. someone exclaimed, during the viral video.

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According to the world-famous singer, she enjoyed defeating her in the game, licking a bottle with special passion.

Watch the video

In a statement sent to Sky News about the tour, the Queen of Pop said:I’m excited to explore as many songs as possible in hopes of giving my fans the show they’ve been waiting for».

Madonna’s new tour will visit 35 cities and will be produced by Live Nation. The singer will perform songs from her entire discography at the upcoming event, which starts from her debut album in 1983 through to her latest album, 2019’s Madame X, and tickets go on sale Jan. 20.

The singer’s world tour will kick off July 15 in Vancouver, with 35 cities on the list. The musical journey begins in Canada, continues in the USA, from Chicago to Los Angeles, and ends in Europe – London, Barcelona, ​​Stockholm, etc., and will end in Amsterdam on December 1st.

Madonna’s latest headlining tour was the Madame X Tour which took place in theaters in 2019-2020 to promote her album of the same name. However, many difficulties arose due to production delays and the Queen of Pop’s frequent hip and knee injuries.