November 29, 2022

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Mid-term elections – Biden: Americans spoke with their votes – “red tide” is not coming

“Our democracy has been tested in recent years, but Americans are speaking with their votes. We don’t know all the results yet, but I am optimistic. Voters have expressed their concerns,” he said at the start of his speech.

“We had the election yesterday and it was a good day for the Republic. Although we don’t know the results of all the states yet, I have to tell you that the infamous “red tide” did not come. But it was also a strong day for the Democrats,” the US president added.

“Voters sent a clear message that they were angry, and we got it,” he continued.

“I will say more in the afternoon, but thanks to pollsters and workers, throughout the night, the credibility of the voting process was ensured, which is an indisputable right. The electoral process could not have happened without millions of people making their voices heard,” the US president added.

“Most citizens support my economic agenda. I am willing to work even with my Republican colleagues, but I will not allow policies that lead to high inflation, further worsening of climate change, or greater accumulation of wealth in the upper income class. My own policy is in the small, middle and low incomes.” Focusing,” Joe Biden asserted.

“Nobody making less than $4,000 is going to face a tax increase,” the US president promised.

“The voters have spoken. He doesn’t want to see a permanent electoral conflict between parties. I now feel confident about the future of our country, but also about our youth. It’s never good to bet against America, that needs to be made clear.

“Remember who we are,” he urged at another point, referring to the greatness and achievements of the American nation. “There’s nothing we can’t do,” he insisted.

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Finally, he avoided assessments of the outcome of the war in control of the House of Representatives between Republicans and Democrats, while noting the Russian withdrawal from Kherson and stressing that Putin’s troops were facing difficulties on the front.

Hours before his new television debut, Mr. It is worth recalling that Biden made the announcement via Twitter.We must fight for democracy, it is not a given».

Concerns over 2+1 election result persist

for now, Two major states (Nevada and Arizona) Catalysts in shaping the outcome of an election, when it comes to war GeorgiaThere is an extension of electoral competition Second round.

In any case, the “red tide” predicted in the previous days, even if the Republicans seem to be gaining some ground. pollsters. Indeed, there are not a few who speak of a “ripple,” a far cry from the optimistic estimates expressed in recent days within Republican ranks.

Here’s what we need to know so far

  • Control of the Senate and House of Representatives still hangs by a thread: Democrats and Republicans have a one-seat margin in the Senate race, while the difference between the two parties in the House of Representatives is 16 seats in favor of the Republican party.
  • Dozens of governorships, secretaries of state and attorney general posts are also up for grabs.

First Turn in the Senate: Democrat John Fetterman defeated pro-Trump Republican Mehmet Oz in a Pennsylvania Senate seat.

The increase is a big boost to Democrats’ hopes of capturing the Senate, as the red tide Republicans have been hoping for has yet to materialize in the House of Representatives.

  • Historical Principals: Both parties are diversifying their ranks.

“Map” of Midterm Elections

Battle for the Senate

Battle for the House of Representatives

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Important matches

  • Race for the Senate Georgia Republican Herchel Walker and Democratic Sen. Between Raphael Warnock and CNNi on December 6, neither candidate managed to get more than 50 percent of the vote, moving to a runoff.
  • Republican Senate. Ron Johnson won re-election Wisconsin, according to CNNi, defeated Democratic Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes in one of the nation’s most important Senate races. The win is another testament to the remarkable political resilience of Johnson, 67, who has now won three straight hard-fought elections despite polls that have long shown him among the least popular senators up for re-election this year. Johnson also boosted GOP hopes of winning control of the Senate — by sidelining Barnes, who Democrats saw as a potential rising star at the start of this year’s election cycle.
  • Two of the three Virginia Democrats in the district won re-election nationally, which was seen as a sign of voting trends, an early sign of good news for Democrats.
  • Democrat Josh Saberi defeated 2020 re-election candidate Doug Mastriano in the race for Pennsylvania’s new governor.
  • Maryland elected Democrat Wes Moore as its first African-American governor.
  • Florida voters lean heavily toward Republicans, with Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. They reelected Marco Rubio.
  • J. Vance wins Ohio’s Republican Senate race, dashing Democratic hopes of picking up another House seat

The Democrats It performed better than expected, but the balance remains very fluid and it is unclear which party will eventually take control of Congress.

The key fits are still unclear, so the landscape remains the same.”Dim».

As it says CNNThe night started favorably for Republicans with a victory for Ron DeSantis in Florida.

But then came the big blow from his success John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, There the Democrat managed to defeat his Turkish-American opponent. Mehmed Oz.

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In the case of Republicans If they succeed in gaining control of Congress, they will have the power to block Joe Biden’s political agenda or cut off aid. Ukraine.

There is no “red tide”.

Republicans agreed “Red tide“They waited for me and did not come.

“There’s definitely not a Republican wave, that’s for sure,” the Republican senator admitted during an interview with NBC. Lindsay Graham.

“The red tide is not coming,” he wrote Twitter Defeated Republican MIra Flores.

In his statement, the outgoing House Speaker and a Democrat Nancy PelosiEmphasized:

“It’s clear that House Democrats and candidates are doing better than expected.”


Should the Democrats ultimately limit their losses and maintain control of the House? SenateAnd then maybe it’s because of the hot topic of abortion, which has long divided America.

US Midterm Elections: Kentucky Rejects Amendment to Restrict Abortion

As the company explains ReutersThe Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion last June caused a stir in the US and political analysts believed it would bode well for Democrats.

However, some quarters continue to argue that it is the main issue preoccupying Americans at the moment. economy — and Republicans seem to have the upper hand in this area.

However, this is a given MichiganDemocratic governor Gretchen Whitmer She vowed to fight tooth and nail for abortion rights and won comfortably over her Republican opponent.

Research firm exit surveys Edison For citizens, the economy and abortion were the top two issues in the midterm elections, with 76% of Democrats saying the abortion issue determines their vote.