September 22, 2023

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NATO is holding an emergency meeting today

NATO is holding an emergency meeting today

The Polish government implemented NATO’s Article 4, which provides for the consultation of alliance members.

Alliance members An emergency meeting will be held on WednesdayAt the level of permanent representatives, at the request of Poland, in the context of the missile issue and the request to trigger Article 4.

At the same time, Warsaw is putting its armed forces on alert after two — possibly Russian — missiles landed on its territory, resulting in two deaths.

After a meeting of the National Security Council, the Polish government announced that it would invoke Article 4 of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The article provides that members shall consult each other in case of threats to the territorial integrity, political independence or security of member states.

If a member is attacked, the Alliance’s action is much milder than using Section 5 for defense assistance.

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