May 30, 2023

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PAOK – Olympiacos (Live and Live Streaming) – PAOK

The second final match in the Men’s Volleyball League, with the hosting of PAOK Olympiacos.

The champion is the team that arrives first in 3 wins as the red and whites lead 1-0.

live match progression (ERT3 telecast)

10 sets: 26-24, set two: 22-25, set three:

11-6 tailoring from the back area

10-6 off offense

6-9 serving slices

8-6 Error receiving PAOK

8-5 Screwedo out of service

8-4 out serving Koumendakis

7-4 is out of service now

7-3 ace Rapti, OSFP timeout

6-3 outside Komendakis attack

5-3 screendo

4-3 Koumendakis, Skriendo fouls for trying to clear the defense as Den Dries comes from behind

4-2 Ice Dan Dress

3-2 outside the Komendakis attack after hinting at the check Olympiacos requested to communicate

2-2 fillets serve Voulkidis

2-1 preventing Rapti from Hidalgo

1-1 Hidalgo net service

0-1 PAOK’s new protest against Leonardos’ try violation

Yellow card to Hidalgo for taunting the supervisor at the end of the second set

The third group begins

22-25 out of action after a tip of the check and 1-1

Sotiriou instead of Jorna for block

22-24 days

21-24 with Pink Ace

Screenendo returns

21-23 Hidalgo

Gatesis instead of screendo in transmission

21-22 Dan Dress

PAOK timeout

20-22 blocks to Gurna

20-21 Ace Komendakis

20-20 from sending Rapti

20-19 Skriendo Block, in front of PAOK

19-19 Tailor

18-19 Komendakis

18-18 copied

17-18 Voulkidis is out of service

17-17 out of service to Hidalgo

16-17 stern

16-16 Dan Dress is blocked

15-16 Hidalgo

15-15 days

14-15 Payenk ace and PAOK lead time

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14-14 off attack by Dan Dress

14-13 Dan Dress

13-13 Paynek

13-12 The defense didn’t come out despite the effort

13-11 tailor

12-11 from Dan Dries Service

OSFP timeout

10-12 tailor’s blocks

11-10 Ace Dan Dress

10-10 days from the back area

9-10 after checking the check where PAOK asked to connect in the block

9-9 stern

9-8 tailor

8-8 Travitsa pass

8-7 out of service

Service network 7-7 walls

7-6 out of service

6-6 Exit Screedo Service

6-5 bad komendakis are sent into the net

5-5 slices of rapti

5-4 net infringement Koumendakis

4-4 Hidalgo takes out the barrier

4-3 again Dan dries up

3-3 Skriendo blocks to Koumendakis

2-3 out of service for Voulkidis

2-2 Dan Dress

Yellow card on PAOK’s bench

1-2 PAOK double ball protests

1-1 Komendakis

1-0 Dan Dress

The second group begins

26-24 Den Drees and PAOK 1-0 with an epic comeback from 22-24

25-24 Ice Ruppety and Pawk Bowl Set

24-24 Walsh’s terrible pass, tie the game and send the set to … overtime

23-24 Den Dres

Pot 22-24 OSFP with Koumendakis

22-23 The ball is in the air after Dan Dries’ defense

OSFP timeout

22-22 Screendo Ties

21-22 Den Drees finds the target now

20-22 Komendakis block to Dan Dries

20-21 stern in the season stage

20-20 Ace Folkidis

19-20 Raptis, great pass from Walsh

18-20 Lenardus

18-19 serving slices

PAOK timeout

17-19 with an ace stern

17-18 stern

17-17 Leonardus

17-16 serving fillets

16-16 Hidalgo gets a block out

16-15 is outside of Koumendakis’ service

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15-15 Hidalgo

15-14 rapti fillets

15-13 net violation

14-13 Screento again

Stern gets the block 13-13 out

13-12 strong screedo screws the first year

12-12 ban OSFP win, PAOK asked to check no contact, but was not warranted

12-11 now in the goal serves

11-11 Hidalgo Ice again, with Olympiacos getting a check and being cleared because the initial tip was out

11-10 Ace Hidalgo

11-9 Travitsa

11-8 infringement by Komendakis

10-8 walls out of service

10-7 off offense

9-7 tailoring from the back area

8-7 Skriendo was served, PAOK asked for a check and it was not warranted

8-6 net comendakes service

7-6 Payenc

OSFP timeout

7-5 Komendakis attack exit

6-5 Ace Rapti

5-5 Scriedo again in the first year

4-5 komendakis

4-4 screendo

3-4 is now in the transmission network

3-3 Ace Folkidis

2-3 fouls by visitors

1-3 tailors

PAOK timeout

0-3 Ace Hidalgo

0-2 Komendakis is out of the race

0-1 The ball is in the antenna after Kokkinakis rotates

The second final of the volleyball league begins

PAOK starts with: Giorna, Walls, Voulkidis, Rapti, Skriendo, Den Dries, Libero Kokkinaki

Mylonakis, Papakosmas Rulers

PAOK’s Brett Walls was named MVP of the playoff semi-finals. The award is presented by Mr. Makis Lefkaditis, MD, Dikefalo.

The warm-up of both teams has been completed and the introduction rites will follow.

About 2,000 people are in the stadium now with attendance still going.

PAOK24 Friends Good afternoon! At 21:30 the first service of the match.

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