February 6, 2023

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PASOK “pays” Kylie – Newsbomb – News

Eva Kaili’s case seems to shift the platform between ND – SYRIZA – PASOK and creates significant issues of pressure on PASOK’s electoral team.

Despite PASOK’s efforts to shake off the Eva Kaili case, the latest polls reveal disaffection in Harilao Trikoubi’s electoral group, shrinking the party’s percentages and spilling over to SYRIZA, but also to SW.

According to MARC survey on topic one, New Democracy gains 33.4%, (up 0.5%) to SYRIZA’s 25.3% (up 0.6%), a difference of 8.1%. In other words, the difference is approaching the percentage difference the two parties had in the 2019 election.

PASOK fell 1.1%, strengthening ND by 0.5% and SYRIZA by 0.6%. Nikos Androulakis’ faction now collects 10.5% percentage, the lowest since Nikos Androulakis took over the leadership from December 2021.

As many analysts have assessed, Eva Kylie’s case may have raised feelings about other times when former party officials engaged in financial irregularities that hurt the movement’s voters. At the same time, the sharp polarization between ND and SYRIZA is sure to create problems in mobilizing smaller parties, including PASOK.

They are followed by the KKE with 5.8%, the Hellenic Solution with 4.1% and MeRA25, which with 3.1% collects, passes the threshold of parliamentary representation.

For self-reliant government

At the same time, it is interesting to find that the majority of citizens are in favor of setting up an independent government by New Democracy or prefer a cooperative government solution with ND participation. In particular, the majority of citizens prefer an autonomous government of ND at the rate of 31.1%, while adding the percentage of 16.5% who prefer a government that cooperates with the center of ND, the power level of citizens who prefer a ruling unit is 47.6%.

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At the same time, the Prime Minister seems to have a greater influence on citizens, with 47.7% having a positive opinion. At the same time, 33.4% have a positive opinion of Alexis Tsipras, overtaking Nikos Androlakis, down to 32.4% (he’s lost more than 10% since March).

For issues concerning citizens, 81.3% prioritize accuracy with 81.3%. Greco-Turkish issues came in third with 41%, crime and violence at 37.2%.

More than 50% of Greeks believe that Kyriakos Mitsotakis can better defend the country’s interests against Turkey (54.5%) and manage crises better (50.1%).

Citizens who responded to the survey overwhelmingly said that the developments with Eva Kyli had implications first for Greece and then for PASOK, which she joined.

However, the issue of Eva Kylie is the ninth among the issues that “burn” citizens. The war in Ukraine accounted for 22.2%, while Eva Kylie’s material accounted for 9.5%. Attendance was 16.2%. In other words, eavesdropping appears to be worrisome but does not affect citizens’ votes in any way.

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