May 30, 2023

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Tempe: The Full End of Tragedy

The Ministry of Transport released the committee’s full report on the tragedy in Tempe.

The expert panel’s decision examines and highlights systemic problems and malfunctions related to the February 28 fire at the entrance to the Tempe Valley.

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The decision of the panel of experts on Tempi was delivered last Tuesday to Giorgos Gerapetritis, the Minister of State responsible for infrastructure and transport matters, and will be formally communicated to Larisa’s appeals attorney, who is conducting the investigation. Publication of the Ministry.

Human factor and role of station master

In conclusion, there are piles of failures in handling on the part of the station master, the main failure is that based on the written order of 23.12.2022 of the Transport Directorate of the OSE (“The Larissa station masters, to automatically draw the route of IC 62 from Larissa to N. Poros (for all wires), ” He should have done this before announcing the departure of IC 62. Automatic planning is practically done by the station master pressing the buttons of the start (start) and destination (end) points of the route he is planning simultaneously with both hands. Local remote control of the station. panel and it defines the line circuit from Larissa to N. Poros in the ascent.In automatic route planning, all line changes are arranged automatically by the computer, which provides the station master with a visual color image on the traffic board of the route he has drawn. The move was made possible on 3-20-2023 based on the on-site post-mortem examination by a team of experts.

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12-23-2022 Assuming that IC 62 will move in an ascending order based on the written sequence, if Larisa’s station master had drawn the route based on automatic movement, the changes would have been arranged automatically. The light board should have shown the trend of IC 62 in ascending order without changing direction. It is also pointed out that if the station master draws an automatic route, the computer (remote control panel) does not allow him to manually intervene and change the line changes related to the particular automatically drawn route.

So, based on the result, Larisa station master did not make an automatic note, but Larisa – N. A manual arrangement of changes for operation of the IC 62 between Bori is assumed. This view is consistent with the fact that the last recorded automatic route marking was at 22:12, while IC 62 entered Larissa station at 23:02, which was nowhere to be found based on the station master’s instructions to the locksmith. Locksmith should make arrangement of change 118.

At the same time, the following are highlighted:

  • There was incomplete radio communication between the Larissa station master and the IC 62 driver, as there was no communication between them before IC 62 began its descent.
  • Larissa Station Master not issuing Form 1001 to IC 62 Driver
  • At 23:04 the station master of Larissa gives a departure notice to IC 62, but at 23:05 receives a notice from the station master of N. Poros that commercial train 63503 departs from N. Poros and moves towards Larissa. There was no reaction or action from the Larissa station master to this announcement, perhaps he had the impression that he had dispatched IC 62 from the ascendant.
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The key findings of the Commission are as follows:

  • The problems of the Greek railways are chronic and mostly related to the gradual preference of citizens for alternative modes of transport due to the development of other modes of transport such as road axles and air.
  • Delays in execution of all contracts for the development of the railway network have been a major problem due to poor organization and implementation by contracting authorities of all those involved in the tendering process. In particular, the 11 total extensions of the controversial Agreement 717/14 are mentioned and the severe delays mainly during the period 2015 – 2019 are highlighted, and the relevant audits of the EDL and EAD are also mentioned.
  • At the Larissa station, at the time of the accident, there was signal coverage for the station area and the station’s local remote control panel was, and still is, operational, containing all the necessary indications for the station master to have a picture. .

Station Masters

As for the Station Masters, based on the attendance record of the Larisa – Mesorlos Station Masters, they were distributed in three (3) shifts as follows: Shift 06:00-15:00: 2 Station Masters

Shift 14: 00-23:00 : 2 Station Masters

Shift 22:00-07:00 : 1 Station Master

Based on the above, three (3) Station Masters were on mandatory duty between 22:00-23:00.

Regarding malfunctions recorded by the Commission on the day of the accident, they are found: