December 9, 2023

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The police pimp has “hot” dialogues with his clients

The police pimp has “hot” dialogues with his clients

Photo documents and conversations on the mobile phone of Constable Nontas Manitakis, 23, of Heraklion, Crete, who have been charged with human trafficking, drug trafficking, dereliction of duty, breach of official secrecy and breach of the law. “Arms Act Defended and Proposed”In the forest».

According to data found by his colleagues from the Athens Security Sub-Directorate, the young man appears to have negotiated with various men the price he would pay for the sexual services of a Cuban woman.

A 23-year-old Cuban woman was deported by police

One of the conversations he had through text messages was typical:

I do not know: Can we get a girl?

police officer: Yes, tell me what you want.

I do not know: Pay for one hour. My brother is searching today

police officer: Normal, 200 euros. The full program is 300 euros for half an hour.

I do not know: No full table. Well, it’s a lot, man.

police officer:200 full programme. An hour and a half for you… Latin

In another unearthed conversation, one of the interested parties asked him about having sex with more men, and the 23-year-old answered very boldly, as if he was an ordinary publicist and not a police officer.

I do not know: Two humans with one chick?

police officer: Full program of two hours 1000 Euros. 600 for one hour full program.

On another occasion he did it… The stranger found it difficult to raise the price, the woman asked how many hours she was available and the policeman replied “depending on the workload”.

A 23-year-old police pimp

Characteristically, the 23-year-old, who played football in academies and minor leagues in the past years before entering the police academy, refused to reveal the location of his service weapon to the police. At the same time, based on the photos found on his mobile phone, authorities believe he may have sold it.

“Big mistake, I went to get a daily wage of 50-100 euros,” he allegedly told them in questions when they saw prices written on a photo of his service weapon.

The youth was spotted with three other persons during a random police raid near Colonos area. Asked by colleagues, he replied, “His personal motorbike was stolen an hour ago”, adding that the theft had not been reported to any police department, so he “asked other passengers in the car for help. To find it”. He seems to be suffering from… amnesia, he can’t remember the registration number of his motorcycle!

The 23-year-old, who was brought to court on false charges, was released with his case adjourned to November 2. As he is frequently absent from duty, he may be out of the police force till then as his disqualification is pending. Since last June, his colleagues have seen him a few times.