December 3, 2022

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Turkey-Libya: Cooperation Agreement on Hydrocarbons

Turkey’s foreign minister said that third countries have no right to interfere in an agreement signed by two sovereign countries

They signed a cooperation agreement on hydrocarbons Turkey and LibyaDuring his visit Mevlut Cavusoglu In African country.

The Turkish Foreign Minister said in a post on Twitter: “We discussed the steps towards a political solution and our relations with Prime Minister Dibeba. Signed Memorandum of Understanding on Hydrocarbons and Ethics”.

At the press conference, Cavusoglu confirmed the signing of an agreement for offshore and offshore exploration and drilling between Turkish and Libyan companies and stressed:

“The hydrocarbon agreement we just signed aims to cooperate with Turkish companies and Libyan companies for exploration and drilling, both on land and offshore. All littoral countries should benefit equally from the Mediterranean Sea.”

In more detail, in a joint press conference, Mevlut Cavusoglu and Nejla Manguz said:

Cavusoglu: “We signed two agreements. For hydrocarbons, parts of the protocol and a memorandum of cooperation. Our partners continue to consult on this. Today we will return with the gas contract. But there are many details and drafts and we continue our consultations in a constructive way. The memorandum on maritime responsibilities that he signed Protects our common interests. This is an agreement that protects the rights of Libya and the Libyan people and the Turkish people and Turkey.

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Mangoos: “The MoU on gas is a technical memorandum, the terms of which we have not explored yet. It will be signed between the Minister of Energy and the Libyan Minister. We do not have the details. But it will be for the benefit of the people of both countries and for the benefit of everyone at the current stage of the global energy crisis.

A Memorandum of Understanding to define areas of maritime jurisdiction has yet to be implemented, pending UN verification procedures. Once the registration process is completed, he can benefit from the interest of both countries.

However, we have not yet finalized this issue. As this is a technical issue, negotiations are ongoing.

Cavusoglu: “The agreement on hydrocarbons that we have just signed is aimed at the cooperation of Turkish and Libyan companies, with a win-win mentality for exploration, drilling on land and in sea and maritime jurisdiction.

The agreement on natural gas is currently being negotiated between the two energy ministries and once a complete agreement is reached, we will announce the content after signing. This will be an agreement aimed at cooperation between the two countries in the field of natural gas

I think there is a misunderstanding about the Maritime Jurisdiction Agreement. This treaty is a treaty signed between two sovereign nations. And this agreement is a valid agreement. Also, both Turkey and Libya have said that we have signed such an agreement with the UN. In other words, the UN

We have now registered with the UN the boundaries of our continental shelf and our areas of maritime responsibility, and Libya needs to define its continental shelf and maritime responsibilities and register with the UN.

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A third country has no right to interfere in a treaty signed by two sovereign countries. It doesn’t matter what they think. We only see that the agreements we sign are in the interest of the people.

Mongoose: “Yes, maybe there was a misunderstanding, I meant recording, not verification. Recording from Libya”.

A large Turkish delegation led by Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu met with the head of the Libyan Presidential Council, Yunus al-Menfi, the vice-chairmen of the Presidential Council, Abdullah al-Lafi, and the Prime Minister of the National Unity Government, Musa al-Khoni. Libya Abdulhamid Dibebe and the head of the Supreme State Council of Libya, Khalid al-Mishri.

Earlier, diplomatic sources from Athens warned of a breach Greece’s agreement with EgyptThere will be a reaction.

The same sources stress that respecting the 2020 Greece-Egypt agreement on the delimitation of the EEZ is absolutely essential.

In any case, Greece will defend its sovereignty and sovereign rights under international law and in particular the international law of the sea.

Ministry of External Affairs informs allies and partners.

Source: Sky.G.R