July 4, 2022

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War and Famine: When J. Biden sounded the alarm

War and Famine: When J. Biden sounded the alarm

Joe Biden confirmed that both the United States and Canada, the major grain producers, would increase their exports accordingly, as the United States plans to spend $11 billion (about 10 billion euros) over the next five years, to respond to threats to food security and malnutrition in the the scientist. “The price of sanctions weighs not only on Russia, but also affects a large number of other countries, including European countries, but also our country,” The US President commented again during his speech on this subject.

The war, like the indirect consequences of Western sanctions, affects a large number of countries, because Russia and Ukraine as well granaries in EuropeAs pointed out by c. Biden, with production of 75 million tons and 33 million tons per year, respectively. Together, the two countries account for about 30% of global wheat exports.

Within the framework of the G7, the United States and Canada discussed the method “To increase food resources and distribute them more quickly”, The US president said, adding that discussions are underway “With Europeans and all other countries to suspend all restrictions on their food exports.”

This concern about the shortage is shared by Emmanuel Macron, who has called on Moscow “Responsible»By allowing sowing in Ukraine, otherwise it will be necessary to consider ‘inevitable famine’ Over the next 12-18 months, with grain shortages in the Middle East and North Africa, as in Egypt: this country depends 80% on Russian and Ukrainian grain to feed its population.

Meanwhile, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki made clear on March 21 that US concerns are not about food shortages on US soil, but the effects on already fragile countries on the plan. food, In Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Besides this warning, the US president seemed to doubt the efficacy of the measures taken by the Westerners. During the press conference on March 24, he admitted that NATO did not have “It was never united at all”, But when a journalist asked him about the lack of a deterrent effect of Western actions on Russia, the American president, on the defensive, showed a certain annoyance. “Sanctions never deter. you all [les journalistes] Don’t stop talking about it. Sanctions never deterrepeat c. Biden, although the United States has just announced new financial measures targeting more than 300 Russian lawmakers and about fifty companies in the defense industry.

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The goal, put the tenant of the White House, in “Harm” Russian President Vladimir Putin, not only in the short term, but “for the rest of the year. “That’s what will stop him.”according to him.

As AFP notes, the US president faced the limits of Westerners’ action during his tour of Europe: “With regard to sanctions, for example, after a series of measures in the first weeks, the three summits did not, to any surprise, result in sensational decisions,” Agence France-Presse notes. The question of the embargo on Russian oil and gas, in particular, is more than sensitive for European countries that rely heavily on their supplies.