December 5, 2023

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The Funeral of the Ex-Emperor Constantine: Conservation Project of EL.AS. – 2,000 police and drones – Newsbomb – News

The Funeral of the Ex-Emperor Constantine: Conservation Project of EL.AS.  – 2,000 police and drones – Newsbomb – News

General meeting presided over by President of EL.AS. To finalize security arrangements for his funeral, this Saturday will be held at the Ministry of Civil Defense building on Katehaki Avenue. Former king Constantino.

All the concerned commanders and service directors who have been working diligently for the last 24 hours on the plan to be implemented next Monday will attend the meeting. According to reports, At least 2,000 policemen from various agencies will participate in security operations.

In ThatAs the ex-king’s burial is underway, security measures have been put in place has increased in the last 24 hoursAt the same time, a special plan will be developed for the evacuation order next Monday in the Athens metropolitan area.

around Metropolis A safety net will be created, while from the air they will give a picture of its operational center GADA Drones and EL.AS Helicopter. Hotels where official guests stay will also be in the security ring.

In ceremony Members of the current royal families of Europe will attend. For this reason, the competent Greek authorities of EL.AS. They are in touch with contacts in other countries to gain insight into the presence of high-profile guests in Athens and take appropriate security measures. The EFFICIENT SERVICES OF EL.AS. Exact arrival time will be informed Eleftherios Venizelos Airport But also to the hotels where they stay.

Next Monday Traffic regulations will be in place on the streets around the city of Athens, with the aim of not causing traffic congestion in the city centre. Following EL.AS, roads are expected to be closed for the movement of guests. And the traffic should be returned as soon as possible so that there is no disruption to the traffic. Services such as state security and counter-terrorism will be on hand Information network will be used to block any “Barracuda”.

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Sta Security arrangements Hundreds of policemen will attend and monitor both streets Athens Metropolis and Tatoi. In Athens, however, a large bodyguard of royal families would also attend, and they would accompany the guests every step of the way. Snipers will also be on the lookout, and they will watch from the rooftops of buildings without being seen.

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