December 7, 2022

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They paid 161,000 euros for Nazareth’s “golden” steaks.

The popular Turkish chef posted the receipt on Instagram, sparking mixed reactions. NusredPopularly known as Salt Bay.

According to the sources of the document, a big binge took place in the shop of a famous Turkish chef Abu Dhabi And finished a few hours ago.

Nasred was ecstatic at the amount of the bill he reached 161,550 EurosThat is, how much an 80-square-meter apartment in Athens costs, publishing a related document, writing, “Quality is never expensive.”

His opinion, however, does not seem to have been shared by all his followers, as there were many who criticized his action.

One follower commented, “The most overrated piece.” “Clear robbery” is another concept.

Check out some of the comments below Nasred’s post:

However, Nusred refrained from revealing who paid the outrageous sum of 161,550 euros to eat at his restaurant.

In addition to appetizers and “golden” steaks, the customer opened two bottles of Petrus 2009 wine and paid 200,000 dirhams (52,541 euros). This wine in the cellar (if you can find it) costs 6,000 euros a bottle.

The description of this wine can be summed up as “100 out of 100 from Robert Parker”! However, this is apparently no accident as this is a wine with perfect structure in the mouth with unparalleled expression on the nose and perfect length.

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