December 3, 2022

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EXCLUSIVE: Mammoth robbery with hostages for 3 brothers in N. Eritrea – Newsbomb – News

On the night of November 15th, the three brothers experienced this horror when three monstrous men entered their home in Nea Eritrea. Bandits.

According to the exclusive information of, The robbers did not hesitate to use physical violence and held the trio hostage, forcing them to reveal their safe, which contained cash and valuables. 200,000 euros.

Apparently, the robbers know this somehow safe And this was also the reason for their invasion.

can be seen from Victim Reports, shortly before 00:00 a brother was suddenly heard knocking on the door of the single family home. Before he knew what was happening, the door was broken open and two men – one with a sharp metal knife and another Screwdriver, they entered the house. Then, they hit him on the head with volleys to shake him.

At the same time, the third assailant followed suit with the third man, not moving the second brother in his bedroom.

The criminals wore Hood On the face, a medical mask, they wore gloves to avoid prints.

The robbers herded them into the living room and started searching for money and valuables. Finding nothing, they began to ask persistently where their safety was. The brothers replied that they only had 1,000 euros, only to receive a contradictory response from the criminals “These are not even enough for a taxi“, according to the testimony of the victims.

Then the bandits started again They become violent They were forced until they were shown where the safe was hidden. From this, according to the victims’ estimates, they removed gold jewelery and valuables worth more than 200,000 euros, while also seizing valuable cash. Rolex watch One of the brothers wore it.

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The criminals then dispersed. According to the descriptions of the victims, they were two thin men and one stout man, who spoke Greek well.

Based on the complaint, the police have registered a case and are investigating.