March 29, 2023

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Tragedy in Tempi: Police raid Larisa station hall

A police operation to collect evidence related to the horrific collision between two trains at Tembi took place at Larissa railway station. According to GRTimes, audio files, documents, notes and other materials related to movement of trains and functioning of the station were seized.

Larissa security police officers suddenly entered the train station complex at around 4 a.m. Wednesday, Stamatis Daskalopoulos, head of the Larissa prosecutor’s office, overseeing the preliminary investigation into the fatal accident.

An official source said the investigation will not be limited to the station master’s responsibility, but will reach the highest level of the OSE and the Italian group that controls Hellenic Rail (formerly TRAINOSE).

In future, Mr. Daskalopoulos will propose to the full session of the Larisa Appeals Council the appointment of a special appeals investigator who will conduct the main investigation.

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The lawyer of the Supreme Court, Isidoros Togiakos, demanded an investigation in every direction on the causes of the tragedy in Tempe, and demanded a quick response from the judiciary on the causes of the accident. He states in his detailed report:

“With unspeakable sadness and heartache, the entire Greek people are watching and truly experiencing the tragic consequences of the train accident in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTempi on 2-28-2023.

Fate showed its worst side to every person and all the passengers of the dangerous train. So much agony – unspeakable grief – families orphaned – dreams of youth firmly unfulfilled.

The intense emotion and agitation caused by this unexpected event among all citizens of the country without exception prompts immediate and effective mobilization of the government machinery at all levels.

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Primarily, however, at this juncture the period of justice, in all its scope, should impose its presence with sovereignty and should, without hesitation, intervene prominently, substantially and effectively in the first practical stage of gathering evidence. It will help hold criminals accountable, whoever they are, wherever they come from, whatever they represent.

Where so many human lives have been unjustly lost, your personal and active presence is certainly and absolutely necessary to gather evidence that sheds light on the causes of tragedy. These elements need to be explored efficiently, thoroughly and thoroughly. But, in principle, even if they lead to the attribution of responsibilities in a certain direction, judicial judgment should not be confined to the criminal responsibilities of specific and limited persons. Rather, a full trial of the case from all parties, accountability in all directions, is required, in accordance with substantive criminal law and applicable procedural law.

It’s cruel to say, but sometimes an unpleasant event like death can be an occasion for good to be born. In recent times, Greek justice has been heavily criticized in another tragedy that rocked the country, and we mourned the hundreds of victims.

Therefore, in accordance with section 32 section a’ of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the highest surveillance of your part of the investigative work is the number we have issued to you. prot. 1706/1-3-2023 Our document-order is of the utmost importance and aims at thorough and expeditious collection of necessary evidence and expeditious completion of investigative work.

As per the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure, we clearly assume that you will spend all your mental and physical strength, the institutional structure you sovereignly choose, the investigation process already initiated. The requirements of the trial of the merits of the case shall, of course, be completed as soon as possible under the rule of sobriety, calmness and prudence, disregarding whispers and clamours, wherever they may come from, and by whomsoever they may serve.

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The proper and speedy administration of justice will be an eternal monument to the souls of the departed.”