November 29, 2022

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Vassilis Siartas: Jail sentence and fine for transphobic post

He was sentenced to 10 months in prison and fined 5,000 euros. Vasilis Siertas Her transphobic post in 2017 sparked a wave of backlash.

The veteran soccer player’s conviction and sentence was announced by Marina Kalanos’ lawyer, Vasilis Sotiropoulos, then head of the Intersex Support Association.

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Football player – who He has invaded public space many times with his unacceptable, sexist and vulgar statements– First convicted under the amended anti-racism law in 2014.

The Transgender Support Association filed a lawsuit against him through its president, Marina Kalanos, who has denounced those who threatened her life.

By the same decision, he was suspended and sentenced to 7 months in prison with another co-defendant for post-post transphobic insults.

The veteran footballer had published a statement in 2017 before the passage of the Gender Reform Bill, in which he allegedly incited readers to acts of hatred and discrimination.

Mr. Sothiropoulos designation

“A 10-month prison sentence and a €5,000 fine with suspension, Athens’ single-member misdemeanor court sentenced a senior athlete for his transphobic post in 2017, when parliament was debating a bill on the legal recognition of gender identity. He thereby incited readers to acts of hatred and discrimination.

Along with the same decision, another man was given a 7-month suspended sentence for post-post transphobic insults.

The case was filed by the late Marina Galano, president of the Transgender Society. He had no time to see her reasoning. I was her advocate then and now.

Shocking witnesses in the audience were Thanos Vessis, Marina’s partner and publisher of Colorful Planet, SYD’s Parvy Palmou psychologist and SYD’s president and member of the National Human Rights Committee, Anna Aberghi.

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This is the first decision to implement anti-racism law 927/1979, as amended in 2014, for violence or public incitement to hatred based on gender identity.”