November 29, 2022

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Caterini: Photos of 11-year-old girl rapist released

Citizens who can provide any information relating to the case are invited to contact ELAS

Identity details and photos of a man accused of having sex with a 30-year-old Iraqi girl under 12 years of age, Katerini, verified by the Thessaloniki Appeals Prosecutor’s Office, was made public following the corresponding order of the First Instance Prosecutor’s Office.

The complaint was made by the girl’s mother in Katharini. It’s about him Muhammad and Umar Shaikhli of Bushra.

Citizens who can provide Any information We invite you to contact the phone numbers related to the case 23510-46633 and 23510-46632 of Directorate of Cadre Security. It is noted that anonymity and confidentiality of communications are guaranteed.

This release is temporary Till April 20, 2023. Retention and/or reproduction of the above disclosure of data beyond this time limit is not permitted and is against the law.



Source: RES-EMP

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