December 4, 2022

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Petralona: 17-year-old boy identifies his rapists – Newsbomb – News

According to a 17-year-old boy’s complaint, 17 people raped him at his family’s house. Petrolona. Minor reports that other children were abused at father’s “parties.”

The names of 17 people were informed to the police A 17-year-old girl was raped from his father Petrolona. According to the complaints of the family’s children, the father organized parties where he along with others sexually assaulted his minor son, the mother knowing everything.

An investigation into the horrors of three children at the hands of their parents brings new startling facts to light. According to ANT1’s report, it seems Associates and friends of the father, as well as uncle, father’s brother, are on the list of child rapists. The 17-year-old also described being raped at the house of his uncle, who had daughters.

Her 22-year-old sister had also reported to her mother that she was sexually abused by her father and knew everything but told the neighborhood.

The rape started in 2012 when the boy was 7 years old. According to ANT1, the parents walked around the house naked, kissed the children on the mouth, opened the doors and made love.

Also, they were supporters of the “philosophy” of changing partners even before they had children.

The first complaint was made in 2017, but no action was taken to jail the monster parents. The 17-year-old had complained that he was video-raped while his mother was in front of one of them.

As for the father, he is 50 years old and a well-known businessman in Petralona who is active in the food industry. He owns his own shop with several employees, some of whom are said to have participated in rape ‘parties’.

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He denies his actions, saying that children are harmed by the man who saved the children he is suing.

It is also shocking that other children are also abused at these parties. As the 17-year-old told authorities, parties were often held at his uncle’s house, and before he was abused, they abused other children and filmed them.

How the Helper Learned About Child Abuse

who realizes the absolute terror they experience Children And the hosts, a 17-year-old boy, spoke for the first time on The Open Show, “Open Communication,” revealing how they met. Characteristically, this man said: “I met the kid when he was 9 out of 10.”

Yes, he added: “It happened in the summer of 2015. That’s when our relationship with the brothers really started, and we talked a lot. About a year ago, my older sister and her brother were passing by a friend’s cafe where I used to frequent, and before me, she had noticed the strange behavior of these children. On the one hand, One child was antisocial and aggressive, while the son, on the other hand, had an intense phobia and a constant presence of sexual expressions in his dynamics.

In the late summer, early fall of 2015, we came to a close relationship with the mother, in essence, I communicated with the owner of the cafe beyond the customers she had. She had a strange behavior about what was happening in her house, she talked more and more about her husband, she mentioned extremely negative things about her son. Before that, a year ago, wandering around the neighborhood, the child was taking medicine, consuming various substances when alone, and of course, the mother’s reaction to such a child was to wander off. Neighbors go from pharmacy to pharmacy, from coffee shop to coffee shop, like the friend in question, “I wash his stomach, I take him to hospitals, I can’t go to him again, because I already wash him twice and then they take me into custody”.

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“Looking at the situation of the children and considering what the mother said against the father first, my friends and I suggested that we help the family and the children. Taking the first two children, the eldest daughter, now an adult, and the second son, in the lessons that each of us can do, the mother will help as much as possible.

When I entered this house in January 2016 because I started classes, the first thing my conscience called me was to start organizing the room. A garbage dump infested with cockroaches, his clothes dirty and tattered. His teeth were yellow, his lips cracked and full of pus. With the movements I have mentioned, a mother opens up to us more and more to us, with the movements we have seen in children, and she tells us with complete naturalness the excesses that take place in her home.

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